Patmos Primary School


The Patmos Primary School is part of the ICC/PROLASA Patmos Children’s Village.  It employs 6 teachers and has a student population of 250.  47 of these are from the Patmos Children s Village, the rest are from the surrounding local villages. After visiting with the School administration we discovered one area in which the primary school was in need of external aid.


Student and Teacher Needs

The main difficulty found by the teachers, is that they run out of educational material to teach the students.  They find the children eager and fast learners and when they have learned everything the teacher has to teach, it is difficult for the administration to purchase additional material to teach during the school year. When we asked if it was the lack of educational material or the lack of funding from which to afford the educational material, we were told it was the lack of funding, for the material is available from the Congolese school system if the school can afford to buy it.


Success! Yet even with this setback the 6th grade elementary school students gave outstanding performances in the regional exams in 2008. All students in the secondary school passed. They held the highest score in the region having the highest exam grade of 81%. The next closest student in the region was 74%.



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