Secondary Education


History: In the last 4 years PROLASA has seen a growing need for secondary education facilities on Idjwi, both for the Orphan children from Patmos Children’s Village and the surrounding villages.  The island of Idjwi has limited resources in it’s remote location and few options for government secondary schooling. There have been difficulties for some of the children wanting to continue their studies going to the local district schools, for long distances must be travelled on foot, often taking 2-3 hours or more in each direction.


Solution: As the first children in Patmos Children’s Village finished their primary education, PROLASA acted quickly and built a temporary secondary school building near Patmos Children’s Village and the neighbouring villages.  It is operational – yet is limited by furnishings and resources.  PROLASA would like to continue to develop the educational opportunities by expanding and solidifying the secondary school facilities that are established.


Need: PROLASA has a two phase plan to develop their secondary school program.

Phase 1: Money is needed for furnishings (desks, chairs, window’s ,blackboards, etc), Materials (textbooks and teaching materials) and Operating budget (staff salaries etc.).

Phase 2: 2-3 years from now PROLASA would like to reinforce the building with Brick.  The current foundation is already built solidly out of stone, so that it will support a future brick structure.  All that is needed are walls and roofing which will cost approximately $3200

school-foundation.JPG   school-stone-base.JPG


If you feel you would like to contribute to stage 1 or 2 of the expansion of the secondary school please see our Contributions page.