June 20, 2012

Progress on Dental Clinic / Optometry Clinic


Progress continues on the new Dental Clinic / Optometry Clinic at the PROLASA Medical Centre in Goma.  The photos below show the building as it continues to be built.  We are waiting now for the finances to finish the interior of the building. 

Current needs are for $15,000 to do the interior finishing.  We are hoping to be able to open this building at the beginning of 2013.




June 20, 2012

Kitchens, Toilets and Biogas Project at the Patmos Children’s Village


The kitchens at the Patmos Children’s Village have been crude shelters for three-stone fires and they have been totally inadequate for the needs of the house-mothers and the children.  10% of the monthly budget of the Children’s Village is used for purchasing firewood to fuel these rudimentary kitchens.  The wood is purchased from island residents and it contributes to the deforestation of the island of Idjwi and erosion ensues as a result the the deforestation.  A solution has been sought.

Inadequate Kitchen at the Patmos Children’s Village

Another inadequate kitchen at Patmos

A Typical 3-Stone Fire

Cooking on a 3-Stone Fire

Inside a Patmos Kitchen

Two new kitchens have been built.  Photos will be downloaded shortly.

Now we are putting our focus on the construction of two new toilet facilities.  The combination of human waste and the waste of the village cows will be used to generate biogas.  This biogas will fuel the new kitchens and give gas lighting to the campus.

This is an artist’s conception of the two new toilet facilities that will shortly be built at Patmos.

New Toilets for Patmos Children’s Village

Side View of New Toilets at Patmos

    Toilet Facilities



Phase Rwandan Francs RWF Canadian Dollars CAD US Dollars USD

RWF 5,886,000

CAD $ 10,000

USD $ 10,000


RWF 9,217,000

CAD $ 15,660

USD $ 15,440


RWF 6,600,000

CAD $ 11,213

USD $ 11,055

Materials for Toilets

RWF 5,021,000

CAD $ 8,530

USD $ 8,410


RWF 26,724,000

CAD $ 45,403

USD $ 44,905