July 18, 2012

Patmos Campus gets 24 hour Electricity


Good news!  The Patmos Children’s Village now has electricity 24/7 thanks to the completion of a new hydroelectric generating station.  This became a reality at the beginning of June.  Work began in the middle of February with planning the canals, doing measurement and then the hard work of digging the canals.  We were assisted by Mr. Jovan, an Italian hydroelectric engineer from Butembo and his team of 5 and finally on June 2, the generator was started and now we have electricity.  This is a big help and will decrease our costs for kerosene for lanterns and diesel fuel to run the generators.

Water Canals for the Patmos Hydroelectricity Project


Concrete canals for the Patmos Hydroelectric Project



Generator for the Hydroelectric Project



Generator House for the Patmos Children’s Village Hydroelectric Project