October 31, 2013

Another School Year Has Arrived!


September saw the beginning of the new school year on the campus of the Patmos Children’s Village on Idjwi.  The children are eager to learn and our school is bustling with activity.  The current enrollment is: 68 in primary school, 69 in secondary school, 5 in university and 4 in trade school training.


Finances are very limited this year as donations are down.   Unless more funding comes in soon, we will have to ask the 5 university students to cease their education at this point.  They will be discharged with uncertainty if they will be able to return.



October 13, 2013

Medical Supplies Arrive from Canada



Recently a container arrived from Canada with much needed medical supplies and equipment. It was immediately unloaded and put to use at the Goma Medical Centre. PROLASA Canada is currently preparing for the shipment of yet another container. This one also will contain medical supplies and equipment as well as things much needed for the university (UNILAI) as well.

October 12, 2013

PROLASA Medical Centre in Goma News


This new addition to the Medical Centre is Goma will house our new dental clinic, optometry clinic and the x-ray department. Final preparations are now underway for the x-ray department so that it meets government standards. We hope to have the official opening of this building in April