January 30, 2014

Visit in Africa and New Additions


Happy 2014 to All!!


We have had an exceptional year gathering and sending a container, receiving new orphans at the PATMOS orphanage and renewing wonderful relationships. Dr. Barry Wecker and Alberta have had the pleasure of being in Africa; where Desire and Barry were able to catch up on some Prolasa business. This meeting was very informative because they met new orphans that were added to the PATMOS orphanage. These children are young and require more calories and nutritional support. One of the most nutritional food sources for these young children has been to attain some milk.


In order to have a Holstein Cow safely delivered to the orphanage where it would continue to be productive and healthy costs 500.00 per cow, plus transportation cost. Due to some very generous donations we have been able to attain 2 cows and they have been ordered for the orphanage. The cows will have to be walked from Uganda to the Congo and then taken by boat in order to reach their destination. This may seem to be an extraordinary measure; however, after careful research it has been found that when these cows are driven over the bumpy and mud covered roads they become sick and often die within the first month. This also causes the cow to be unproductive with milk; therefore, to protect the investment, it is best to have the cows hand delivered. When the healthy Holstein cows arrive they will be healthy and ready to produce the much needed nourishment for everyone in the village.