April 29, 2016

PROLASA Development News

PROLASA Development Department

The PROLASA Development Department is rapidly expanding!  Land has been purchased in Kalenge on the Island of Idjwi for the PROLASA Industrial Campus.  A new hydroelectric system has been built which is now generating 10 Megawatts / Hour.  This will provide the needed electricity for the industrial campus.



Waterway for the Kalenge Hydroelectric Installation Brook with feeds the Kalenge Hydroelectric Project

There is a concrete canal that leads from the water source to the penstock intake.



Hydroelectric Canal Canal leading from the brook to the intake

This grillwork keep branches and leave from entering the penstock.



Water Intake Water Intake Grillwork

The penstock has a 100 metre drop and allows the generator to deliver 10 Megawatts / Hour of electricity.




Water leaving the Generator Shed Generator Shed




Fruit Juice Production and Bottling

We are currently producing three types of fruit juices -- pineapple juice, passion fruit juice and Japanese prune juice.  These are bottled and labelled on site and are available for sale on the island of Idjwi.



PROLASA Fruit Juice Production Samples of Fruit Juices that are being produced
Idjwi Fruit Juices PROLASA Idjwi Fruit Juices
PROLASA Juice PROLASA Pineapple Juice




Laying Hens and Egg Production

We currently have 5,000 hens for egg production.  Our eggs are sold on the Island of Idjwi.

Laying Hens on Idjwi PROLASA Laying Hens and Eggs




Guest House at the Kalenge Industrial Campus

A guest house is being built at the Kalenge Industrial Campus so that anyone who would like to come and help us with this project will have a place to stay.  

Kalenge Industrial Campus View of the Kalenge Industrial Campus from the Hydroelectric Site
Kalenge Campus Kalenge Industrial Campus