May 23, 2016

PROLASA Juice Production increases

PROLASA Juice Production Increases!

The PROLASA fruit juice production unit is in full swing under the direction of Jérôme Ntimugura.  Three types of fruit juices are being produced, bottled and sold now on Idjwi.  We are looking for sales outlets and we are starting to do some marketing.  



PROLASA Jus PROLASA Juice Warehouse





Right now we have three different juices for sale -- pineapple, passion fruit and Japanese prune.  Others are planned in the future.  

The PROLASA Juice factory will buy fruit from local producers, offer employment and provide fruit juices to the people of North and South Kivu.







May 23, 2016

PROLASA Pygmy Project Update

PROLASA Pygmy Project Update

On Sunday, May 8, we had the official launch of the PROLASA Pygmy Project and of the Idjwi Indiginous People's Association in Bugarula, Idjwi.  The Mwami of the Chefferie of Rubenga was present along with a representative of the Territorial Administrator's Office along with other officials and representatives of the 10 Pygmy Groups in the Chefferie of Rubenga.  These groups are located in:

  • Nyamusisi

  • Lukonde

  • Kakohwa

  • Bugarula

  • Kishenyi

  • Buruhuka

  • Bokumbi

  • Shenge

  • Boza

  • Makutano

Official Launching Celebration of OPI Delegation at the Launching of OPI