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PROLASA is a non-profit development organization based in Goma, North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Founded in 1985, PROLASA has continued to grow and change, adapting to the needs of the people in both the Province of North Kivu and the Province of South Kivu.  It now has four different areas of action:

  • Children's Services -- PROLASA operates in conjunction with International Children's Care  the Patmos Children's Village on the Island of Idjwi.  

  • Education -- PROLASA operates a primary school, two secondary schools, and two post-secondary institutions -- UNILAI on the Island of Idjwi and ISTAC in the city of Goma

  • Medical Care -- Two health-care institutions are operated by PROLASA -- the PROLASA Medical Centre in Goma and the University Medical Centre on Idjwi

  • Community Development -- Based out of Kalenge on the Island of Idjwi, the PROLASA Development Department is launching a wide variety of business ventures.  These will help provide jobs and training for the young people of the Patmos Children's Village and for the surrounding communities on the island.  We are also launching a multi-phase project to improve the lives of the Pygmy population on Idjwi.  These people who are the original inhabitants of the equatorial forests of central Africa are being threatened with extinction due to deforestation and other threats to their environment.